About Numerology

Since the days of Pythagoras we have known the universal power of numbers. From the day of our birth to the numerical value of the names we are given, numbers dominate the world we perceive and ultimately live in. Each individual-specific number has a meaning that dictates our life's potential and how each number interacts with others will influence our actual path.
Numerology is the study through which our own personal blueprint can be established allowing us to decode the hidden relationship between our birth number and the numbers derived from our name. This analysis has long been used by leaders, politicians and Hollywood's elite. It is a little known secret that has proven a powerful tool for the few who have had access to it's true power.


The experience of a Blueprint is truly unique. I don’t believe in scare tactics. I don’t believe in confining our future to a prediction. I DO believe that we all have free will and that when we have the tools to understand which way the wind is blowing, we can make our own miracles.
— Nidhi Lucky Handa

The Method

East Meets West...

BBN Combines the expertise of Numerology Pandits in India with the acumen and savvy of life/business coaches in Los Angeles. The combination is dynamic, unique and the reason why Bliss By Numbers is trusted by the most discerning clientele.

The Blueprint

Each Blueprint includes in an in-depth numerological profile of personality traits, challenges, current situation as well as name recommendations.

Once you order your Blueprint, your personal Blueprint will be created and an in-depth consultation will be scheduled to review the findings.

When you are ready, contact us for your reading and get the tools necessary to take control of your life.

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Nidhi Handa
You absolutely CANNOT afford to go another day without having your numbers done. It will change your life. You will have clarity. You will have direction. You will see the way - possibly for the very first time.
— Jill, BBN Client


About the Founder

Nidhi founded Bliss by Numbers as an organic extension of her coaching practice in 2012.

After sourcing a Numerology reading for a client from her family's trusted pandit (intended as a one-time favor), she stumbled into the depths of this tool. She not only found a framework that works, but an undeniable accuracy that ensures BBN clients sound guidance.

As a transformational Life & Business Coach, Nidhi has been able to marry the age-old wisdom of Numerology with practical, actionable and modern perspective that leads to real growth and positive change.