What's Your Number?

Here at BBN, we believe that empowering our clients to understand how Numerology works is just important as explaining how it applies to their specific lives. We strive to share information and create a community that can intelligently communicate and integrate Numerology into their daily lives.


How to Calculate Your Birth Number:

1. Convert your date of birth into digits

eg: October 12th, 1945 -> 10/12/1945

2. Reduce each separate number to a single digit (keep adding double digits together until they are single ones)

eg: 10/12/1945 ->

  • 10 -> 1+0=1


  • 12 -> 1+2=3


  • 1945 -> 1+9+4+5=19, 1+9=10, 1+0=1

3. Add these 3 numbers together

eg: 1+3+1=5

4. Voila - You now know your birth number (in this example it's 5)

NOTE: All birth numbers should be reduced to a single digit UNLESS the double digit value comes to a Master Number (11 or 22) or a Karmic Number (13, 14, 16 or 19). In this case stop at that double digit number.

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