Why Blueprint?

So, why do you call your reading a Blueprint? And how exactly is your Blueprint different from Astrology? Tarot? A Psychic Reading? These are questions I get all the time, so I thought it would be worth a blog post.  

First things first. As the name implies, Numerology is the study of Numbers (thanks Pythagoras.) The numbers in and around your life, particularly the ones derived from your name and your date of birth. When all of these dozens of numbers are calculated and then interpreted, they form a unique chart that is all about YOU. With proper interpretation, lots of interesting facts are revealed, from your personality traits, challenges, compatibility and even insight into how your year is shaping up. Hopefully that clarifies how it's different from clairvoyancy, card readings and astrology;)

While most agree that a Reading/Blueprint is eerily specific and accurate, in Numerology, the focus is less on fortune-telling and more on clarity and planning. And this leads me to the name. At Bliss By Numbers we call the readings Blueprints, because, well - that's exactly what they are! It was an early client (who has since referred all of her closest friends and family to get readings) who said it best following her Reading:

WOW. Ok, I feel like I've been living in this house (gesturing to her head and body) and you just gave me the Blueprint. Suddenly everything is clear - the plumbing, electrical - I now get how I'm wired! This is brilliant...  -Josie S.

That was such a powerful articulation - to call what we deliver at Bliss By Numbers a Blueprint - that it really stuck. This is more than a simple reading - it's a powerful tool. When properly interpreted, presented and applied, a Numerology Blueprint will change your life: It will explain to you why certain patterns keep repeating and offer insight on how to break them. It will explain why you feel instantly connected to some people and are inexplicable rubbed the wrong way by others. It will call you out on some of the habits you have that you just can't seem to break and then explain why and create clarity on how to move beyond them. Oh, and it most certainly will help you to understand why 'the stars seemed to be aligned' at certain moments in life and other times not and what yo can do to have a more comfortable, consistent experience.

So, are you ready to see what your unique numerical code reveals?  

What's in a Name?

"I used to be so lucky - everything always went my way - I just don't understand what happened?!!" -Suzie M.

I recently met with Suzie, a new client, to review her Numerology Blueprint. Like most, she was looking for clarity on areas of her life that simply weren't adding up.

Suzie moved to the States 2 years ago and at that time changed her name. Unbeknownst to her, that simple change had a catastrophic affect on her Numerological code. After reviewing her chart with the Numerologist in India, I was struck by what was revealed - Suzie was born with one of the most balanced, harmonious combinations of numbers and unwittingly had elected to throw all of that away with her name change.

Her Birth Name and Birth Number were synced up in such a way that she was coded with complete balance in all areas of her life. After reviewing her blueprint with her, she admitted to me that prior to her birth, her parents had consulted a Numerologist and had gone to great lengths (including inducing her arrival) to ensure her an easy life. Having never experienced anything but complete comfort, Suzie never understood the powerful coding that was playing into her life.

Since changing her name 2 years ago, Suzie reported a breakdown in almost all areas - from her love life and work to the places she'd chosen to live - complete incompatibility plagued her. She had not only altered her personal numerical code, she'd also chosen a particularly challenged Karmic Number for her name which creates a lot of volatility and instability. She had gone from complete ease and harmony to discord and heartache overnight!  

This case is fairly unique in that most people seek name correction from a name they've been given and suffering with and in Suzie's case, she chose such a name for herself.  Ultimately the Blueprint not only offered her great clarity and insight, but also affirmed for her what an amazing gift her parents had given her by choosing her name so carefully.

Fortunately, the Numerologist was able to work with us to find a suitable name alteration as well as provide a list of Feng Shui recommendations to hasten the balance that was lacking from Suzie's life.

Have you had your Blueprint prepared yet? There's no time like the present!