Q: What is Numerology?

A: Numerology is the study - some would even say, science - of the hidden meaning behind the numbers prevalent in each of our lives. Most agree that Pythagoras fathered this study and it is one that has been long used by leaders, business people, entertainers and celebrities. Honing the information Numerology provides enables one to realize their full potential in all areas of life.

By analyzing an individual's unique numerical chart (derived from date of birth and name), a numerologist can not only paint an accurate personality profile but also pinpoint the individual's specific situation and then offer guidance on areas such as career, love and health. A Numerology Blueprint is a powerful tool that has long been only available to the elite and now is being recognized by many. 

Q: Should I be scared?

A: The short answer is NO. The purpose of a Numerology Blueprint is not that of a fortune telling - there are no scare tactics or up-sells. The Numerologists provide remedies based on name change and Feng Shui to balance any possible imbalances - that's it. No need to be scared - think of it as an insight into the depths of your personal coding - it is truly a gift that when used properly can enable any individual to realize his/her fullest potential!

Q: What information do I need to provide for an accurate Blueprint?


Date of Birth
Name at Birth
Currently Used Name


Q: What's the difference between a reading and a chart?

A: The two terms are often used interchangeably. A chart is the numerical profile of an individual, while a reading is the interpretation and articulation of those numbers. The combination of the Chart and Reading are what we've has coined as the Blueprint.

Q: Sounds great, I'm ready to go - what's next?

A: Great News! Here's what you should do:

1. Order and pay for your blueprint here.

2. Provide your pertinent details (Date of Birth, Name at Birth, Currently used Name) in the order notes or via email.

3. You will be contacted within 3 business days to schedule a time to either skype, speak on the phone or meet in person is West Hollywoood to review the details of your reading with a Numerology specialist.

4. Once you've reviewed your Blueprint, you will have the opportunity to send the Numerologist 3 questions base on his reading.

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