Numerology Definitions


Birth Name: Your given name at birth. This is the name that likely appears on your birth certificate.

Birth Number: The number that is derived from your date of birth. The numbers considered are 1-9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 19 and 22

Current Name: The name you are currently using in signatures, on business cards, Facebook etc. In many cases, individuals drop their middle name as adults, change their name for marriage and so on. 

Name Number: This number is derived from your name. Both the Birth Name Number and Current Name Number affect you in different ways. Using a name that works harmoniously with your birth number is imperative in creating a 'downstream', road bump-free life.  

Challenge Number: This number affects you by showing you its shadow side. Although this number can be a 'trouble-maker' and account for specific patterns or discontent in a particular phase of life, it can be controlled by better understanding the full scope of the number and in some instances via name adjustment.

Mental Number: This is the number that describes how you process information and make intellectual decisions.

Emotional Number: This is the number that describes how you emotionally feel - often described as the 'gut feeling.'

Lucky/Unlucky Numbers: These numbers describe compatibility and incompatibility between you and other birth numbers.

Lucky/Unlucky Colors: These are the corresponding colors associated with the Lucky/Unlucky Numbers. Specifically, these are the colors that are vibrationally good for you to wear (or not wear.)

Notable Dates: Dates in every month that are vibrationally well-suited for you to make important decisions, changes, sign contracts etc.

Year in Cycle/Personal Year: According to the study of Numerology, we each live through back-to-back 9 year cycles. Understanding which year in your current cycle you are living through helps to understand which way the energy is flowing - whether it is a good time to make changes or stick to the status quo, whether the time is better suited to focus on love or career etc.

Event Number: While your Personal Year describes what is happening in your life, the event number describes the events happening around you that directly affect you.