Shari M

Amazing how spot on my reading is!

Having a reading is enlightening and confirmed my belief in numerology. Nidhi's life experiences bring a rare, in depth look at your personal life road map. Receive answers and solutions regarding your individual life balance, health, and prosperity. I consider this reading to be the most accurate I have ever received and will continue to work with her in the future.

I recommend Bliss By Numbers for anyone who would like to learn more about what makes them tick and how to utilize the gifts and talents you are born with.

Johnny F

I used Bliss by Numbers for a numerology reading and not only was the report thorough but very accurate.

FYI, this not one of those mickey mouse free readings that you can get online this is the Real McCoy!

Julie R

Detailed, insightful and full of wisdom and guidance...

I consider myself a very spiritual and intuitive person, so I am definitely open to all things that provide insight to my life path.  At the same time, I have run across a few people who offer their services but don't always bring the "goods".  Well, I'm excited to say, my numerology report by Bliss by Numbers was AMAZING!  Detailed, insightful and full of wisdom and guidance, I felt instantly uplifted when I read it.  Not only did it solidify what I knew about myself, but it showed me that my current path is the right one for me (and I am in my GOLDEN PERIOD - which if you don't know, is the BEST time to manifest).  The beauty of it is that Nidhi goes over the report with you so that you can really get an in depth and thoughtful experience.  She is even gentle (but honest) when she has to reveal to you that certain areas of your life may not be aligned for your path.  I have had my report for almost 3 weeks and every time I read it I find something new to get excited about and focus on, so really its the report that keeps on giving!  I love it so much I recommend my Tarot clients to have theirs done too!

Andrea N

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading by Nidhi at Bliss By Numbers.  I really didn't know what to expect when I did my reading because I wasn't too aware of the process of numerology. I learned a great deal of information about numerology and my chart as Nidhi was patient and willing to answer many questions that I had, which I greatly appreciated.  I learned some very important things about my name and was advised to implement some simple steps to remedy some current hurdles that I had been having in my life. Many great changes have already started since my reading a week ago, and I would recommend this reading highly to anyone interested in maximizing their true potential through aligning with numerology.  In my opinion, this reading was the key that I have been searching for, for many, many years and am grateful beyond measure to have had this reading done. Go and do this, you will greatly benefit!

Alissa M

After going though an extremely challenging time in my life both personally and professionally, I needed guidance. The numerology reading not only gave me a new perspective on life but provided a clear insight into my strengths and what I could do to turn my current disposition into a new beginning. In addition to the numerology report, Nidhi's compassion and business coaching gave me the fundamentals I needed to take my life into a new direction. I'm so grateful for her services. She's an incredible coach!

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